Bio-Fen Revitalizing Shampoo 240ml

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Successful Hair Growth & Retention Means Protecting All Remaining Thinning Hair.

This shampoo contains a specific blend of botanical extracts to give your thinning hair more volume, vitality, and strength. If you rescue your hair, your remaining hair growth will be thicker-looking and infused with new body… especially important for those suffering from slightly thinning hair.

A Revitalizing Shampoo Made Just For You

If you already suffer from either male or female pattern baldness, or more severe hair loss, this is a great shampoo for transforming thinning hair into stronger hair and a cleaner, healthier scalp. New hair growth success is dependent on how fast you rescue thinning hair. We recommend you compound the effectiveness of Bio-Fen™ Revitalizing Shampoo with Bio-Fen Plus™ capsules. The capsules target hair loss from inside the hair follicles, where the shampoo can’t reach. This combination fights thinning hair on two fronts. The shampoo adds strength and volume to the weak hair shafts, while the capsules promote new hair growth. Our products prevent oily build-up on the scalp. (Sebum, or scalp oil, may contain elevated levels of free testosterone, 5-alpha reductase and DHT, which contribute to hair loss by causing changes within the follicles.) That’s why we recommend that people who take Bio-Fen Plus™ capsules for thinning hair* and hair loss use a tag team combination with Bio-Fen™ shampoo & conditioner. Make it a regular part of your hair growth routine.

Promote Existing Hair Growth – The Importance of pH in Shampoo

Normal skin and scalp have a pH of 5.5. So we designed Bio-Fen™ Revitalizing Shampoo with the same pH level. Hair fullness requires the environment be stabilized and protected from further hair shaft damage – and because of that, you can use our shampoo every day, if needed.

How It Works

Bio-Fen™ Revitalizing Shampoo’s formula contains none of the harsh, chemical foaming agents (sulphates) found in some commercial shampoos. Instead, it uses mild vegetable- based cleansing agents, herbal extracts and essential oils, creating a great environment for healthy-looking hair to thrive in. This makes Bio-Fen™ a great shampoo to use on thinning hair. You can use either product alone or in combination with and Bio-Fen Stimulating Conditioner.