Flora Iron+ Liquid Formula

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Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world. Vegans, pregnant and nursing women and athletes may be especially prone to deficiency or sub-optimal iron status. Some iron preparations can also be notoriously hard to digest and absorb well, resulting in GI side effects like constipation or nausea. Iron+™ with B-Vitamin Complex is a liquid iron supplement that is specially formulated for easy absorption and assimilation. Formulated with iron (ferrous gluconate) and B vitamins in a delicious liquid base of fruit juices and whole foods, Iron+™ daily use helps normalize low iron levels to boost energy, vitality and optimal health. Naturally yeast- and gluten-free, this liquid iron formula is also recommended for children as well as pregnant or nursing women to help them meet their daily iron needs. Iron+™ is also available in capsule form for convenience while travelling or on the go.