North American Herb & Spice SinuOrega 60 ml

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Sinusitis is highly prevalent in the American population and has been found to affect up to 37 million people, which is nearly one of seven Americans.  SinuOrega is a natural nasal wash powered by potent spice extracts.  These powerful extracts are combined with pure sea salt in a spring water base, the ideal wash and inhalant for the nasal membranes and sinuses. Can be used daily as it is non-addictive. For optimal results use with OregaRESP capsules for sinus and bronchial as well as post-nasal drip response.

  • Potent spice oils with natural sea salt
  • Healthy sinus cavity support
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Low price point and excellent reviews

Always free from:  alcohols, polysorbate 80, and sodium chloride